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Automating your dating business has never been easier with the help of this powerful platform that allows Dating Professionals to work more efficiently using industry-leading marketing & automation technology.

Matchmaker Help.

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The #1 Solution for Dating Experts, Coaches & Matchmakers to Automate their Entire Business

Capture leads with the click of a button. With an automated SMS system, emailing capabilities and phone calls/voicemails all in one stream for your convenience - you can't go wrong!

Webchat Widget

Utilize the handy webchat widget to help new potential customers get fast answers that don't need a phone call.

Just like the one at the bottom right of this page, go ahead.. try it out :)


Phone calls, texting, voicemails, emails.... oh my!

Don't worry. You can do it all from one, central place. You can call, text, leave voicemails, send emails, and even send messages via Facebook messenger and Instagram.

CRM Sync

"What if I already have a CRM?"

Great! You can easily sync this software to utilize all of the features listed!

Even Smart Match App!

Love Pros have trusted us with over 50,000 singles. We will help you grow your business too.

Appointment Booking with Virtual Assistant, Lauren Davis

"Busy" tasks taking up all of your time? With Matchmaker Help's proven, done-for-you nurturing campaign, each lead receives a warm, convertible message via text & voice mail guiding them to book on your calendar. This streamlines your day-to-day so you, nor your team, waste time going back and forth in the nitty-gritty to get appointments booked- that's why this works!

Database Re-Engagement Campaigns

Do you want to engage every person in your database but struggle to get on a consistent content rotation schedule? No worries, here's another "busy" task you can pass this way.

Not only can you mass email your database in bulk, but with your new Matchmaker Help tools, you'll also do it via SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram & Voicemail. You can either customize your own, or use another one of our proven, done-for-you templates.

Missed Call Insurance

You're a business owner, so you see the theme here. Saving time is the name of the game. You can't afford to play phone tag anymore, you'll burn out if you haven't already.

But with Matchmaker Help, any call that you miss will be responded to via SMS guiding them on the next steps. It's LITERALLY missed call insurance.

Otherwise, this person seeking help will go find it elsewhere.

Matchmaker Help Class

Matchmaker Help includes a weekly Q&A, where we answer all of your dating business and marketing questions.

Have a tech question? Need help setting up a new follow-up sequence? Want to update your website, but need tech help? Ready to sell a course?

Peek in on a few of our Matchmaker Help Classes below:

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Shannon's Circle

Janet More

The Geek Whisperer

How will Matchmaker Help, improve your business?

The Ultimate Software Stack for Dating Businesses

When you can build retention and community into your marketing strategy, it is easy to create a valuable customer experience. Matchmaker Help replaces all of this software and more.

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